Florence Nief, Artworks
Florence Nief, Artworks

Florence Nief is a self-taught painter, visual artist and ideologist. She lives and works in Thionville, North east of France


In her studio, she captures every tiny murmur of everyday life – eschewing indifference,
incoherence and any distracting digressions.


“In my painting,  colour drives emotions and creativity. It lives within me. Its power and
give birth to the kaleidoscope of life in all its shapes and spaces”, explains the artist, who lives her colours passionately, instinctively and spontaneously.


Whether dazzling, haunting, dominating, figurative or abstract, celebrating the joy of life or expressing the cruelty of life’s twists and turns, colour lies at the heart of her work.


And this colour is like a window to the soul: a blend of organic rhythm, matter and form, in its

many guises this colour is allowed to comment on our society, forming an anthem for life.


The nature of Florence Nief’s creative process is based on the appropriation and
subversion of pre-existent objects, everyday realities and various materials.

Florence Nief breathes new life into plexiglass, polyurethane foam and other discarded materials,

creating monumental but ethereal installations.


Her work casts a critical gaze on our contemporary society, questioning issues such as resilience,

collective identity, individualism, the status of women and discrimination.


Latest exhibitions


Art yourself, Porto Cervo, promenade du port, 1st of June to 30th sept 2013

Esprits de Femmes, Art Monaco, Monaco, April 25-28, 2013

Regards, Miami River Art Fair, Miami, USA, Dec 4-9, 2012

Emotions 12, Chapelle de Daurelle, Montélimar, France, Sept 28 – Nov 1st, 2012

Regards, Centre Culturel Christiane Peugeot, Paris, France, June 18-29, 2012

Regards, High Gallery, Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France, June 7-10, 2012

Grands Formats, Espace Xavier Negele, Strassen, Luxembourg, June 2012

La Couleur dans l’Art, gallery Espace K, Boulogne Billancourt, France, March 31 – April 30, 2012

Le Cri des Sirènes, association Vivent les Femmes, Paris, France, March 2012

Free Go Arts, Studio Harcourt, Paris, France, November 18-21, 2011

Solo exhibition, Mediatheque de Terville, France, October 2011

Solo exhibition, Le Concorde, Thionville, France, April 2011




Florence NIEF

Pour en savoir plus sur mon travail ?

Merci de prendre contact avec moi 

Portable : + 33 680 854 242


To know more about my artworks

Please get in touch with me

My cell phone + 33 680 854 242


Découvrez ma nouvelle exposition jusqu'au 20 MARS / Visit my current exhibition till 20th of March 2015


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